Custom Order

About our Custom Tabletops

Each piece goes through a customization process. You select the style and color of your piece. Our tabletops all have a restaurant-grade finish. We coat each piece with layers of epoxy resin and then give it a final heat and UV- resistant coating. The resin fills in the electrocuted areas leaving a smooth top surface easy for cleaning. Orders can take 3-4 months as we want to make sure you get the high-quality piece you are looking for.

When to place your Custom Order

We take large custom orders for tabletops spring-summer season. However, if you stop in our store and there is an unfinished already electrocuted piece of wood at our store, we may be able to finish it any season for you. Just come in and ask!

We are excited to work on your project!

To create an estimate we will need to learn from you:

Once we gather these details, we then provide you with a free estimate!

We may request a 50% down payment for your project.

Refunds and Returns: We don't offer refunds or returns.

What to expect after I submit my order?

Depending on the scope of your request, we may be able to get your order started right away. If we give you an estimate, you can pay for your project and we will start working on it! Remember, we only work on large custom tabletops in the spring-summer season. You can ask to put money down on your project so we can start the project as soon as the time comes.

How much will your project cost? Here are some of the guidelines we use to estimate out the costs by the square footage of the surface of your tabletop.