If you are thinking about trying this at home, think again.

Our business may take a light hearted fun approach when it comes to our style and designs, but we do take our work seriously. We want to take this time to educate our followers on the dangers of our electrocuted wood burning practice.

What is electrocuted wood?

Another name for our process is called fractal burning which creates burned in tree-like designs called “Lichtenberg Figures”. The designs are named after the physicist who first studied these patterns. Each piece is unique with natural variation in the wood grain and in the electrocution.

People die doing this:

The dangers of electrocuting wood can cost you your life, no joke. Just by doing a quick online search you find almost 20+ people die each year from fractal burning.

We highly recommend never attempting fractal wood burning as a hobby. Fractal burning is an incredibly dangerous process. Like any profession, a great understanding and knowledge of the field is required to even attempt a process like this.

The fractal burning process requires electrical current from a high-voltage source.

If you get within close proximity to a high-voltage source, it can cause serious injury or death.

Do not be fooled by videos you see online where there are close up shots of the process.

Walking up to a piece that is actively being fractal burned can cause serious injury or death.

Commercial kits are still highly dangerous and can cause serious injury or death.

For your knowledge, there are commercial kits available that may be less powerful and can make these fractal designs. This is more than likely why you see people in videos online touching a piece as it is being fractal burned and they have not been harmed. But like any product you purchase, there are known and unknown dangers.

Electrocuting Services

There are many people out there that do this safely. Find those individuals and ask them to electrocute something for you. We gladly offer our services to anyone out there. We are happy to electrocuted wood for individuals that are looking to include fractal wood burning in their homes or businesses.

Disclaimer Notice:

Electrocuted Wood is fractal burned by professionals. Please do not ever attempt to recreate anything seen on the Electrocuted Wood website or fractal burn wood on your own.

Please do your best to stay safe.

We are not here to train you to fractal burn properly or tell you what you can and can’t do, we are just recommending routes of action to ensure your safety.